Here are a few services we offer...

Summer camps


At THRIVE KIDS! Summer Camp   

children will learn to cope with change and how to manage mistakes, failures and peer pressure. I teach specific skills sets in building emotional intelligence while cultivating the skills of mindfulness where your child will develop an awareness of themselves and others to build positive relationships and understanding our impact on others. The heart mind will help cultivate self growth and help your child thrive!

2019 Summer Camp information, click here.

thrive girls! Project gratitude


At THRIVE GIRLS! young girls will learn skills on how to decipher their own inner critic and learn how to hone in on their own talents and skills. Each term will end with a passion project that will require all participants to get involved in humanitarian campaigns.   

Project GRATITUDE is a program that gives practical tools and techniques to refine and deepen our relationship with gratitude.

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One-on-One Coaching


At Thrive Kids! We use stories to help children develop personal development skills in order to achieve their learning goals. Through the use of stories, we help students:

  • Handle the ups and downs of growing up without giving up on themselves (losing confidence) or getting down on themselves (crushing self-esteem).
  • Develop a strong inner compass so they have strong core values (integrity, self-responsibility, respect, self-respect).
  • Make good decisions and stand up to peer pressure.
  • Develop a vision for their lives, set goals, and achieve those goals.
  • Handle disappointments, manage mistakes, overcome fear and manage change.
  • Reach their next stage in their learning journey by working on ways to further develop numeracy and literacy skills.

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Speaking opportunities


I'm available to speak with:

  • Parent Groups
  • PAC presentations
  • Professional Development sessions
  • Corporate Engagements.

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