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  As a teacher, it has always been my mission to help students feel loved, safe, secure and successful. Even though I consider myself a teacher who strives to teach beyond the curriculum, the reality is such that we are constrained to time and curricular expectations, while trying to meet the diverse needs of every student.

As a PhD candidate in Early Childhood Education, I began to see how important skills such as confidence, self-regulation play a role in their learning journey. Through academic research and expertise as a teacher, I firmly believe in ensuring our children are taught holistically. 


This is the reason why I created Thrive Kids!  A place where children, families, caregivers and teachers can directly engage in the heart mind,  and help kids Thrive! 

Shaista Kaba Fatehali

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My Recent Podcast Interview


Raising Confident Children with Shaista Fatehali - March 26th, 2019

This Podcast focuses on having Hard Conversations, exercising your voice, advocating for yourself and reaching new heights.

No conversation is off limits: Love , Life, Faith, Trauma, Triumph and beyond.

With Host, Anika Wilson

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