BACK HOME is the story about a young Muslim girl who had to flee from her Middle Eastern home town and settle in a Western Country. Through experiences in her day-to-day life, she realizes that the values her faith does not differ from those of her new culture. 

BACK HOME exemplifies the notion that Islam is not just a religion, and certainly not just a fundamentalist political movement. It is a civilization, and a way of life that varies from one Muslim country to another but is animated by a common spirit far more humane than most Westerners realize. Time and again Islam’s teachings uphold religious and personal freedoms. The core Western values of generosity, kindness can be seen as the bedrock of its civilization. 

The message behind BACK HOME is that peace is everywhere and can be found within oneself.  A powerful force that we all can have faith in is the resiliency and love of human beings.

BACK HOME enables us to see that there is a higher level of consciousness or awareness about how we are truly connected, we are one human race. This is the path that will help all of us thrive on this planet.