Early Learning Academy

Our Virtual, LIVE Early Learning Academy is for those students who are beginning Kindergarten or are ready for a Kindergarten curriculum. The activities are specifically created for independent work and are, therefore, most applicable for students ages 4 and 5. However, younger students are welcome to attend with the supervision of a parent or caregiver. This online academy will provide students with the opportunity to connect with a LIVE certified teacher AND other students to help build a sense of community. 

Check back soon for future dates. Please reach out for more information.

*Due to the structured and tailored nature of the program, students will be enrolled by the semester. This way, there is more flexibility to the return to in-person schooling if needed. 


Why should I enroll my child in a VIRTUAL learning academy?

I never thought in a million years that education ( especially in the early years) would ever resort to virtual. However, the shift worldwide has almost forced us to embrace this change. Over the past few months, we at Thrive Kids began looking at ways to teach students virtually while at the same time creating a sense of community and enhancement of soft skills. Through many attempts of trial and error, we figured out the best method in how to do this. We teach our students a lot about the growth mindset and this shift made practice what we preach! The current pandemic is not going to go anywhere soon and we want to keep our children and loved ones safe. It is nearly impossible for our young students to safely socially distance wear (and keep wearing) masks all day, and properly wash hands after EVERYTHING they touch. ( It normally takes me 15-20 minutes to get all my students to wash their hands before lunch!) 


This, coupled with the rules and regulations around the sharing of exploratory items, socialization and lack of human contact will add to the turmoil and trauma that our school system will face. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of parents who are now working from home. As a result, finding something that is reliable and consistent ( and won’t shut down in case of a second wave) is a true challenge. This is why having a SAFE place such as Thrive Kids Early Learning Academy is the most suitable option. It is a place where we can teach our children academic skills while creating community and develop core competencies that are much needed in the world we live in. 

Why should I enroll my child in Thrive Kids Learning Academy?

I am a HUGE enthusiast of interactive, interest-based and engaging curriculum. 

I have always felt as though our education system ( for the most part) does not reflect the realities of today’s world. It was developed in an era where the economy required good factory workers to be productive in an increasingly industrial society. The world has changed. We all need to take a hard long look at what we are teaching our kids and more importantly, how we are teaching our kids. With the recent shift in technology, we need to shift away from many of the areas in which our current education system is focused on and instead, focus on how we can create amazing, creative and adaptable human beings who will be lifelong learners, interested in learning and interested in the world. This needs to start by developing the soft skills in our children such as collaboration, communication and leadership. 

This is where our learning academy comes into play. This is not just a school or a center. It is a place where we help prepare young members of society to become ambassadors for change for the future.

Will the class just be worksheets and printing?

No! Young children learn best through play and active participation. The only way to do this virtually is to have a common learning package that we have carefully created. 

All resources will be dropped off or shipped to you. This includes:

  • Math manipulatives
  • Loose parts for storytelling 
  • Literacy Materials
  • Extra materials for supplemental work when needed.
  • Art supplies 
  • A set of home reading books for the term 
  • And more!

All you need to do is have the given supplies ready for your child on hand,  log them on and we will take care of the rest! 

What will the class look like?

Each month will be based on a theme. Each theme will be meaningful for the students and based on interests. Each theme will have literacy, numeracy and social development embedded through the Kindergarten Curriculum. Social and Emotional development will be met through my 5 P’s program. 

(Passion, Purpose, Perspective, Presence and Physical) 

We will also be communicating with you on the progress of your child through online meetings every term. This program is suitable for those who are :

  • Working from home.
  • Are hosting a learning pod in their area.
  • Are a homeschooling parent.
  • Have an early learning center and want to supplement their curriculum virtually
What are the learning goals my child will achieve?

Children usually move from one natural milestone or goal to the next. Each child grows and gains skills at their own pace. It is important to note that some children may be advanced in one area such as language and literacy, bmaybe be behind in another. This is completely normal and expected. Please let me know if you have any concerns about your child’s development. 

The following are the term goals that will be covered this semester: 

Literacy Goals: 

  • read words in the environment, 
  • write the name the “school way” 
  • copy words
  • recognize letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds
  • manipulate sounds in words by breaking them apart and putting them back together 
  • retell a story that fits with a book, picture or materials 
  • make connections to books read in class 
  • actively listed the whole-class class discussions and group activities

Numeracy Goals: 

  • recognize, extend and create a complex pattern (AA BB) 
  • sort materials based on a sorting rule 
  • count forwards and backwards to 10 and touching each object counted
  • recognize and match numerals and arrangements to 5
  • learning mathematic vocabulary such as “more, fewer, equal”

Soft Skills Goals: 

  • recognize emotions in their self and others 
  • perform independent tasks (clean up, wash hands, etc.)
  • learn strategies such as rainbow breathing, 5 finger breath to become mindful learners
  • self-evaluate learning targets 
  • learn ways to contribute to our virtual classroom community and follow our virtual classroom charter (ex: show kindness, be helpful, be respectful to own self, others and the virtual environment)
What will the shape of the day look like?

The class will be broken up into 45-minute intervals to allow for movement breaks in between.  Below is the general shape of the day. As with any classroom program, variations may occur and flexibility will be required. The activities are carefully created and planned with the learning goals outlined above in mind.

During the early years, repetition is key for learning concepts to become transferable and built upon. Therefore, there will be a predictable pattern to the day. We will also encompass movement, songs, collaborative games and projects based on interests throughout our lessons. This will encourage ACTIVE participation. 

9:30-10:15 am: 

  • Welcome Song and Greetings 
  • Calendar and Poem of the Week 
  • Alphabet Song and Letter of the Week 
  • Phonemic awareness in a group setting 


Break: Get up, get a snack and have some recess time!

10:30- 11:30

  • Numeracy Lesson
  • Storytime based on the theme of the week 
  • Must do work: All materials of this will be given to you 
  • Closing 

I am also open to adding another hour based on topics of interest such as: 

  • Music Class
  • French Class 
  • Faith-Based Class 

Schedule of Must-Do Activities 

Mondays:         Theme based (examples: sequencing, letter identification work, etc.) 

Tuesdays:         Numeracy Based (example: making “5” many different ways with the material given to you 

Wednesdays:  Letter of the week work practice (example: tactile activates with playdough mat, art paper and word making)  

Thursdays:       Story workshop and writing

Fridays:             Reserved for offline activities and socialization with other students in the academy. 

How many students will be in one class?

I truly feel that to effectively connect and facilitate learning for each child, the class should be no more than 10 students per class. This way, we are able and set learning targets with each child. 

What is the cost?

Estimated cost:                                   $265 per month 

Please note that the program is based per term, and billing will be invoiced monthly. Once enrolled, the participant is committed to the full term.